MI 05 District Co-Directors

Mandie Kincade
12915 9 Mile Rd.
Shelbyville MI 49344

Brandi Mathis

District Facebook:  NBHA MI05
email: mi05nbha@gmail.com

2023 points as of 10/01/23

Wheel barrow update as #1  - we're adding to our wheel barrow!
Hey hey we have an awesome raffle starting now and will go until our end of year awards banquet. We are starting it off with a collapsible wheel barrow donated by the lovely Jayne Rieder. We also have an 8 quart Fortiflex feed bucket, Dumor platinum fly spray, Dumor Baker's Bites horse treats, multi colored lead rope and Tail Tamer mane & tail brush all donated by TSC! We will be adding goodies to it as the year goes on so make sure you get your tickets! Tickets 🎟 are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. If you would like to purchase your tickets now you can PayPal the district at nbhami05@outlook.com. I will write your info on the back of the tickets and send you a pic of your numbers until I see you at a show.








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2022 Year end points and World Qualifiers for the 2023 Teen, Youth and Open World shows - Corrected as of Feb 14, 2023

2021 Year end Points