MI 05 District Co-Directors

Jessica Lajcak
55 118th Ave
Shelbyville MI 49344

Bobbiejo Ward
10706 Cressey Rd
Plainwell MI 49080

District Facebook:  NBHA MI05
email: mi05nbha@gmail.com

Dear MI-05 Members,

I would like to start off by introducing Bobbiejo Ward and myself, Jessica Lajcak, as the new NBHA MI-05 district directors. Bobbiejo has been a member for nearly 10 years and has a husband Ben, who appreciates a different kind of horse power, and a son Ethan 17 whom she shares “Cash” with.  For those of you that don’t know I am the oldest daughter of Brad and Pattie, our state directors.  I have a husband, Bret who like Ben, enjoys fast cars more than horses, a son Ethan 16 (who is allergic to horses, hay, and dust, this is why he is not at more shows), and a daughter Callie 10 who has currently stolen my heart horse Uno, I am sure this won’t be the last.

We are so excited to start this new venture with everyone and want you to know we have some really fun things in store for 2021.  This is everyone’s district we are just here to keep things organized.  None of these shows happen with 2 people it is a joined effort of many volunteers.  Our motto we have adopted for the year is many hands make light work.  Just think if everyone got one person from their trailer to set a barrel or pole for 10 horses it would be nothing and we would have excess.  Please do not be afraid to jump in and help.  If you don’t know what needs to be done or how to set a barrel, please ask.  We appreciate all the help!

There are a couple things we would like to implement this year.  We will be making a suggestion box with pen and paper.  This will be at all shows.  Your thoughts and concerns are very important to us, and we want to make sure that we hear and take into consideration each and every one of them.  By doing it this way we can read them when we can give them 100% of our focus not just 10% when we are juggling other things.  This being said if there is ever a mistake, I am sure there will be we are all human, please kindly address the office personal and we will do our best to quickly and efficiently get it corrected.

Additionally, we are going to give a pre-entry discount at a few of our shows and through Sign Up Genius will be doing expo slots $5 for 10 minutes.  This alleviates the need for gate volunteers, if you need an expo please come to the office and you can see what slots are available.  We will honor all sponsors that have been given thus far, but please going forward any sponsors you receive give to Brad and Pattie towards our state finals.  We are looking to add fun events (beer race, pick up race, Calcutta Gymkhana, bra water balloon relay, two-man relay) timed expos and pot lucks to the end of our shows as most will be 2 day shows.

We look forward to racing and camping with you all this year!


God Bless,

Jessie & Bobbiejo


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