Michigan Riders bring home a World Championship, 3 Reserve Championships and 6 top ten finishes.

In the Open, congratulations to Blake Ketterman and KR Scatt Katt (14.875) Reserve 1D Champion and Amanda Pallett & Two Foxy Robin (15.778) Reserve 3D Champion. Also placing in the top 10 were Suzy Lilly (3rd in 3D), Cheryl Lennemann (7th in 3D) and Ronnie Mullenburg (10 in 4D).

In the Seniors, congratulations to Julie Wright and Austins Big Step, the Senior 3D World Champion. Kit Bounds and Jiffy Sixes, is the Senior 3D World Reserve Champion and Bobby Hinkley Lodholtz placed 7th in the 1D.

Great job by all of the Michigan riders!  You made us proud!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sherri Yager who was injured during the world show. She is keeping her sense of humor.  She posted on Facebook, "Out of surgery now have my own bar!! Lots of hardware!" UPDATE:  Sherri was able to fly home from Atlanta on Tuesday, November 7th.  She is recouperating at home now.

Amanda Pallet wins the 5D in the 2nd go of the open and qualifies her second horse for finals.  Suzy Lilly also qualified her second horse and 9 more MI riders qualify for the open finals -- Blake Katterman, Jessica Sullivan, Bobbi Hinkley Lodholtz, Randy Curtis, Ronnie Mullenberg, Sabrina Connell, Julie Wright, Madison Raymor, and Stephanie Brooks.  Michigan takes 23 of the 236 spots in the Open Finals!

Michigan took 1st in two of the five divisions in the 1st Go of Open.  Denise Jones and Bullys Lady Love took first in the 3rd division and Jeff Hause took first in the 4th division.   Twelve Michigan riders have qualifited for the Open Finals! Congratulations Kaily Sooy, Brian Langworthy, Denise Jones, Cheryl Lenneman, Kristine Saltz, Sheryl Julien Morse, Ron Sullivan, Jeri Wetzel, Jeff Hause, Tim Shook, Suzy Lily and Amanda Pallett.

Ten of Michigan's Seniors made it to the Senior short round!  Brian Langworthy, Rod Bays, Kit Bounds, Randy Curtis, Sherri Yager, Benna Price, Bobby Hinkley Lodholtz, Diane Loosenort, Pam Kyser, and Julie Wright.   Congratulations good luck, ride hard.

Congratulations  and good luck to all of Michigan's riders!  Ride hard, have fun and be safe!


We had a problem with golf carts this year at our State Championship show.  Those involved know who you are and by the numbers on the carts the directors know too.  The owner of the golf carts is so upset he is seriously considering NOT renting to NBHA Michigan.  There are a few people who say, we have to many rules but it is people like you that put us in the position of having to make rules that apply to everyone.  Five of you have messed things up for the entire Michigan NBHA membership.

People who don’t clean up their campsites, who won't leash their dogs, who tie dogs to a 100-year-old tree,  who start fires on the grounds, who tied horses to trailers and left the holes they dug.  These are the things that have forced us to eliminate tieouts and make other RULES to protect property and the host fairgrounds. Please treat other's property with the respect you would like to have your own treated!

State Director's Newsletter

October 4, 2017

The best! That describes our NBHA Michigan State Championships! Congratulations to all our Champions! Thanks to the best in the world District Directors and the best in the world members. It was so great to see everyone taking a little time out of their weekend to pitch in and help. This makes our added money higher because we don’t have to pay barrel setters, gate workers, office personal, timers, and tractor drivers. Our 2017 purse was close to $45,000.00 plus anothe $15,000.00 in prizes!

Thank you one and all for your help and all the little things you do that make the MI NBHA State Championships come together. Just a few examples of some of our MI NBHA family going above beyond: cookies for office personal, watering the areas around the arenas, watering and dragging the warm up arena. I’m sure there are lots more but these are just a few that stick out in my mind.

Randy Reider, our 2017 Volunteer of the Year is a great example someone that goes the extra mile to make our shows run smoothly!

Special thanks to the tractor drivers who probably have the most important part because if we didn’t have great ground we couldn’t have had one of the most exciting NBHA State Championships I have ever witnessed! Thank you, Brad Marshall & Company, driving those green John Deere tractors from Bader & Sons Co, for providing some of the best ground we have ever run on!

The competition was phenomenal. It started with the Youth & Seniors on Thursday night and it just kept getting better all weekend, with run after run getting faster & faster even when you didn’t think it was possible! It was just awesome to watch! Speaking of fast…thank you Barry Reed for again providing us with the Fast Time Awards. It is such an honor to have a Barry Reed handmade halter! The “speedy” winners this year were Cami Cumper in the Open on I Do 1-2-3, Kaily Sooy in the Youth on Flashy MS Ease, and Bobbi Hinkley in the Seniors on Front Row Flash.

Of course, Lenell Dean made things run like clockwork & his auctioneering skills for the “hat auction” just before the finals was SO exciting! Then the Opening Ceremony sent chills down my spine! MeKenna Battjes’ beautiful rendition of the National Anthem and the playing of the Canadian National Anthem combined with our flag bearers: Alisha Wonsey with the American flag; Ronnie Mullenberg with the Canadian flag; and Miranda Wells and Olivia Valleu our flag bearers…it couldn’t have been better! Thank you, girls, for a wonderful job!

A huge thanks to our 6 and under crowd or “Future Champions” as the directors like to call them! The Future Champions kicked off our Thursday evening with a great barrel race won by Garrett Gould. A huge thank you to Marshall Meadows for providing trophies and Becky Hollaran from Barbwire Outfitters and Londo TV for filling buckets with all kinds of goodies for our kids! The fun continued with the Stick Horse Race, with prizes for all, for the 6 and under crowd. A huge thank you to MI 04’s Matt & Julie Strawn for putting this together. A special stick horse, donated by Londo TV, went to the race winner, Aydin Eggelston. Then for even more fun for our Future Champions we had our sawdust scramble (I think Matt Strawn has created a monster) with pennies & candy! Marshall and I were really disappointed we couldn’t be a part of it this time, we had so much fun at the Midland Blast in May with the kids!

PLEASE don’t forget to thank our sponsors by giving them your business! Diane Fenby, our awesome webmaster, who keeps us up-to-date with all the latest MI NBHA news will, I’m sure, have this year’s sponsors on the website soon. Please look over the list and if you need anything these great people can provide give them a chance. Be sure to tell them you are from NBHA Michigan and thank them for their support! We had a lot of our own members do sponsorships this year, that is so awesome, so please help them out by supporting their businesses as they supported you by sponsoring. Our sponsors make it possible for us to give away 12 Alamo Saddles, 13 Gist Buckles and loads of other prizes! This would not be possible without their support! Our 2017 saddle sponsors are: The Sobie Company; Doug’s RV & Camper Repair; Curtis Brothers Construction; Lakota Trailer; Oxy-Gen; Beadle Lake Equine Performance; Brad Marshall Logging; Lazy R Tack; Shiery Animal Clinic; Marshall Meadows Race & Barrel Horses; and The George Wonsey Family (In Memory). This year’s buckle sponsors are: The Jason Nyp Family; Midway Chevrolet; True North Equine Bodyworks; and Pier Feeds. In addition thanks to Split Pine Acres for sponsoring a beautiful “Target Race” Gist buckle that was won by Nina Fagan!

Of course, the “Pink Day” bringing awareness to the fight against breast cancer was, as always, awesome with some people going all out to be “pink”! Western Spirit Tack & Gifts provided a beautiful PINK hat box & other goodies that went to our winner Kristine Saltz, second place, Amanda Pallet received a halter, and Emma Holden also received a halter! Congratulations everyone for making Pink Day a huge success!

To make a wonderful weekend even better, we were honored to have Brent Puhl capturing our runs with still photos and videos. Brent also provided the webcast. The directors heard from many people who couldn’t be there how nice it was to be able to watch on-line! They loved it! NBHA Michigan is so blessed to have professionals like Brent & Lenell come to our State Championships!

Speaking of professionals, we are so fortunate to have Saginaw Valley Equine as our on-grounds vet. They go above and beyond and feed ALL of us too! It was so awesome to be able to have a great meal with friends and visit for a while before getting back to the hustle & bustle of the show! Thank you, Brad, Cami, Isabell & Peyton, for all you do for NBHA Michigan!

Once again, we had the Champion of Champions Race! Our Winners were 1-D Bobbi Hinkley, 2-D Terri Forrest-Langworthy, 3-D Kelly Moran & 4-D Larry Seger! They received some nice checks from a $500 added pot (total purse was $1,448.00) and they will all be receiving jackets from Drysdale’s soon!

How about that great T-Shirt design! The contest for our 25th annual T-shirt design was won again (she won in 2016 also) by Dominique Ricotta! Thank you, Dominique, for all your hard work! The T-shirt design also graced the cover of our program book. Thank you Micheleen Pierce for putting together a truly 1st class program book, you outdid yourself again! The NBHA National office has even commented that it is probably the best in the World! Wow!

We saved the best for last. Congratulations to our 2017 NBHA Michigan State Champions!




Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315