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January 27, 2017 -  Update

Please join me in welcoming Matt and Julie Strawn as the new MI 04 Directors.  I could not be more pleased to have this team leading one of our districts.  Be sure to thank them and step up and give them a hand by volunteering at their shows.

January 25, 2017

2017 greetings! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year with family and friends! Jim and I had an adventure that we could never have imagined, then to top it off Jodi came to Kentucky to celebrate Christmas as a family! Enough about us…onward to 2017 NBHA Barrel Racing!

We are planning a full schedule including our annual All District show April 21 & 22, Midland Blast May 19 & 20, Can-Am June 22-25, NBHA 25th Annual State Championships August 31-September 2, and a great new addition…MI02 Annual Fall Barrel Bash October 6 & 7 all at the fabulous Midland County Fairgrounds! Wow! There are plans in the works for some other fabulous shows but all the details have not been worked out yet, keep checking the website for Diane Fenby’s posts from all of us directors! At the annual Director’s meeting on March 4th we confirm many of the shows & discuss your questions and member’s suggestions to improve an already awesome Michigan NBHA! PLEASE let your directors know any new arenas & grounds you would like to see an NBHA show at, preferably before the Director’s meeting!

At this time we still need of a MI04 director. I have had some interest & have an application. Michelle can’t continue doing the awesome job she has as the 04 director due to family & work obligations. If you are interested please let me know ASAP so we can have someone representing MI04 at our annual director’s meeting! Also, MI02 will be losing their awesome directors at the end of 2017 so PLEASE let me, Tim or Judy know if you are interested. This way we can let you know what is expected of you as a director at the shows in 2017! Oh by the way! Jodi Loosenort is the new MI00 director, if you have any questions or helpful suggestions please let her know! Her email is j.loosenort@yahoo.com & her phone is 816-886-8028.

You may have heard that for NBHA’s 25th Anniversary, we are taking 10 qualifiers PER DIVISION to our World Championships! The NBHA National office is planning some awesome things for their 25th so don’t miss out! Check the website to see if you qualified! Remember that you must have been a member for 1 year prior to the 2017 World Championships to qualify. This means (sadly) that you can’t buy or use a Wildcard in 2017 UNLESS you have been a member for a year! YES! If you EARN a wildcard you may use it for the 2017 NBHA 25th Anniversary World Shows! i.e. If you go to Can-Am and receive a wildcard there you can use it!

SPONSORS! Yes, the 2017 sponsorship form is already posted & again you won’t have to pay ANY entry fees, stall fees or camping fees if you get $1200 in sponsorship! You will not have to pay an entry fee if you get $500 in sponsorship & if you get $400 you will not have to pay a stall fee! It is your directors’ dream to get $25,00 in added money for our 25th NBHA Michigan State Show BUT we can’t do it without your help! You all have shoers, vets, chiropractors, dentists, western stores etc. that you spend a lot of money at, get to them early with a sponsorship sheet, and save yourself some money in entry fees etc!

Your district directors and I want to thank all of the awesome members who have volunteered, got sponsors, or just said thank you for a great show! NBHA would not be the same without you! Keep warm up there, & get those horses ready for a fun packed summer!




Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315