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Who doesn't love a handy cloth tote?  Sarah Nyp is offering thirty-one's top selling product, the large utility tote, for $35. For each tote sold $10 will be dontated to the Michigan NBHA State Finals.  Click this link to see the designs available.  Contact Sarah by May 1st at 616-298-6317, on Facebook, or at the All District Show to order.

All Around Ranch, LLC is going to donate 25% of it's sales from this weekend to MI NBHA to add to the money for either for All District or for State Finals. The only exception is for the Flair Strips and any bedding orders.

Attention All District Competitors

No Sawdust -- We will not have any sawdust available at the show.  The person who was bringing it has had a family emergency, tree fell on her boyfriend and he is in the hospital with a broken pelvis. We are sorry for the short notice but we know you will join us in sending thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Please bring your NBHA membership card and coggins for check in!

The Baymont Inn in Midland has a limited number of rooms available for the NBHA discounted rate.  Call 898-835-2990 to make your reservation.

The winners of each division in Saturday's Open class will receive an Alamo breast collar. Did you miss the pre-entry deadline?  Not a problem you can still enter at the show with a late fee of $10 per horse/rider combo.

March 13, 2017

2017 here we come! NBHA is 25 Years old! We are planning some awesome things for this year including the NBHA National office bringing back 10 in each division for our World Championship Shows & planning many great fun events for World! We as directors are really “geeked” on what is happening!
At our Annual Michigan Board of Director’s meeting March 4, 2017, (thank you to your director’s for taking time to attend), we welcomed Matt & Julie Strawn, long time NBHA members, as brand new MI04 directors! MI04 you are lucky to have such excited directors, they will be a great addition to our Michigan Board of Directors & will be a great addition to your district. Matt & Julie are going to need your help though as they both work & run their horses! Please offer your help whenever you have a moment so “the show can go on”!

We as your director’s have to brag on our members a little! Our Regional director attended some of our shows last year & wanted me to convey a message to Michigan NBHA! “Michigan NBHA is putting on some fantastic well run shows!” Wow! We all knew this but now the word is out!

The directors discussed the “early arrival time” that we put into effect last year & all agreed it worked! We will be doing this year for the Can-Am Super Show & for our NBHA Michigan State Championships! Another addition to our some of our shows & this year’s State Championships will be Men’s & Women’s SIDEPOT! We wanted to get our members familiar with the “Side pot” entry idea. If you have ANY questions PLEASE ask your director, they can explain how you can win extra $’s at a show! Our first show to offer the side pot is our 14th Annual NBHA Michigan All District Show! The entry form is already online, entries due without a late fee April 1, if you enter after the due date you will be put last in the draw.

We have some awesome shows scheduled for NBHA Michigan members in 2017! Just to highlight a few! Our first one is the “Jessie Maxwell Memorial Show”! The directors felt this would be an awesome cause to put NBHA Michigan’s stamp of approval on! This show is a benefit for Scholarships for youth, Jessie was tragically killed at a young age in an automobile accident. His grandmother started this very worthy show to help youth and now his brother Derek is taking over! The show will be May 27 & 28 in Gladwin with over $5,000.00 in added money! The show bill for this preentry show will be on our website by the end of the week! There will be a camping form & stall form & tie out coming soon after.

An old show with a new venue is “The Red White & Blue” at the Ionia Fairgrounds June 30-July 1 & 2! This is going to be an awesome show you will not want to miss! It is going to be a fun & money filled weekend!  Last year’s winner was Dominique Ricotta.  A little information to help get you started…this year the shirts will be black & tan.  Please email your designs to me at treelineranch@aol.com ! It was nice last year for your board of directors to have a choice of great designs! Thank you to everyone who submitted a great design! Remember your design needs to include the year, Midland County Fairgrounds, 25th NBHA Michigan State Championships, & whatever graphic you design!

Our NBHA Michigan State Championships will coming up fast! Remember to talk to people you do business with about being a sponsor.  The sponsorship form is available right here on the website.  Instead of paying for a stall all you have to do is get $400 in ads for the outstanding program Micheleen Pierce puts together. $500 in ads gets you a free entry & $1200 gets you free camping, stall, & entry! Remember if it hadn’t been for MI03 getting 6 saddle sponsors last year we would not have been able to give saddles to our youth & seniors! Companies are allotting their sponsorship right now so talk to your shoers, vets, equine dentists, feed stores, trailer sales, truck sales & all those places that you spend $’s for your horses. If you need a sponsorship form you can download from the web or just give me a call & I will get one to you!

NBHA Michigan State Championships will include a “Champion of Champions” race as we did for our 20th Anniversary, for our 25th Anniversary! It will be run as a side pot with in the Open 2nd go on Friday of State(that way your horse will not have to make extra runs)! There will be $500 in added $’s (looking for a title sponsor) & 4 beautiful coats (looking for a title sponsor). The only qualification is you must have been a former NBHA Michigan State OR NBHA World Champion.  The entry fee will be $50! Information will be included on the NBHA Michigan State Entry Form which will be posted sometime in July.  Be looking on the website!

NBHA State Championships are having a unique event this year! Bring your oldest piece of NBHA memorabilia so we can display it at state & be qualified to win a prize! Seeing its our 25th annual we thought it would be really cool to see what everyone can come up with! We will set up a special display so all can enjoy! Thank you, Tena Ladner, for the great suggestion! It was a unanimous vote to have this fun event!

Remember members, that your helpful suggestions are heard!

Get those horses legged & come a ridin!


Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315