9:53 PM 10/29/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 1   
         Copyright (C) 2004-2017 by Charlie Horse Ranch Timing Systems          
                  Producer: 770 NBHA MI04, Show Date: 10/17/20                  
                             Contact: Eugene Perry                              
                        Location: Main Arena, Mason, MI                         
                   MI NBHA 4D Jackpot in NBHA Open 4D Barrels                
Paying to  6 placings, Jackpot Total = $  4538.00, Rider count = 137         
     1D Time = 15.279, Placings =  6, Pool = $ 1588.30                       
     2D Time = 15.779, Placings = 26, Pool = $ 1361.40                       
     3D Time = 16.279, Placings = 40, Pool = $  907.60                       
     4D Time = 17.279, Placings = 21, Pool = $  680.70                       
                     Not Placed = 44                                         
                               1D Placings                                   
   1st 15.279 $445.00 MI04         Danielle Walworth on Cuz I Seis So        
   2nd 15.425 $349.00 MI05         Kaily Sooy on Flashy Miss Ease            
   3rd 15.622 $286.00 MI00 no      Jodi Loosenort on Cookies Cassie          
   4th 15.649 $222.00 ON01         Heather Kosmowski on Baby Got Black Socks 
   5th 15.684 $159.00              Rass Pederson on California Cash 37       
   6th 15.770 $127.00              Amanda Westphal on Shes Ruff but Legal    
                               2D Placings                                   
   1st 15.783 $381.00              Heather Kosmowski on High as Flit         
   2nd 15.807 $300.00              Barbie Stayton on Beach Traffic           
   3rd 15.891 $245.00 MI04         Christina Richard on Royal Dashing Whiske 
   4th 15.899 $191.00              Carol Hochstetler on Sweet Stone Candy    
   5th 15.908 $136.00 MI04         Melanie Priehs on CR Miss All American    
   6th 15.950 $109.00              Savannah Scales on DB Darth Vader         
   7th 15.965         MI00 YES     Jessica Sullivan on Eye Ballin            
   8th 16.018                      Andie House on Best of Chicado            
   9th 16.053         NO0N         Chris Stokes on Nitro Nemo                
  10th 16.055                      Nicole Hayes on Aussie                    
  11th 16.074                      Mackenzie Miller on RB Yea Ima Legand     
  12th 16.107         MI04         Eugene Perry on Hickory's Sugar Frost     
  13th 16.116                      Stephanie Brooks on Lilly's Got your Luck 
  14th 16.123         MI00 YES     Ron Sullivan on Bbcolormespecial          
  15th 16.140         MI02         Jenna Britton on Holy Fifth Im Famous     
  16th 16.151         MI05 13281   Kylee Wilson on Poco Little Spooky        
  17th 16.159                      Randi Price on Paris                      
  18th 16.162         MI03         Kelsey Kakoczki on Blue Ruby Rose         
  19th 16.188                      Kylee Wilson on Ace                       
  20th 16.206                      Bunnita Ouwinga on JW Excuse My French    
  21st 16.227                      Paige Wilson on Im A GB Bar               
  22nd 16.232                      Gabby Kakoczki on Midnight Sunsation      
  23rd 16.235         MI03         Kelsey Kakoczki on Cruisen Ta Fame        
  24th 16.244                      Sherri Oakey on Smart Eyed Badger         
  25th 16.268                      Elizabeth Coe on One Groovy Concept       
  26th 16.274                      Riley Smith on Liberyville Sam            
                               3D Placings                                   
   1st 16.284 $254.00 MI04         Marna Whited on Storm Troopin             
9:53 PM 10/29/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 2   
                   MI NBHA 4D Jackpot in NBHA Open 4D Barrels                
   2nd 16.288 $200.00              Randi Price on Faster N Firewater         
   3rd 16.297 $163.00              Kaily Sooy on Design To Flash             
   4th 16.323 $127.00 MI04         Marna Whited on Rosalita                  
   5th 16.378 $ 91.00              Jill Neugebauer on Serena                 
   6th 16.382 $ 73.00 MI02         Jenna Britton on Bee                      
   7th 16.408                      Lorrie Hagenbuch on Gators are Rare Gems  
   8th 16.478         MI04         Marissa Miller on Cherokee                
   9th 16.485                      Chloe Abfalter on Bella                   
  10th 16.510         MI04         James Plummer on Fiddle Doc Whisper       
  11th 16.514         MI04         Dominique Ricotta on A Powdered Clu       
  12th 16.538         MI04         Tristin Medeiros on Dashed Past           
  13th 16.564                      LuAnn Potter on Buck                      
  14th 16.599                      Jewell Atwell on SanTwister Peppy         
  15th 16.604         MI04 YES     Tracy Knauft on Trazan                    
  16th 16.636                      Brandye Schmitt on Big Liberty Levi       
  17th 16.656                      Eugene Perry on HPM Twist Ur Rope         
  18th 16.659                      Paige Wilson on Marilyn Runmoe            
  19th 16.723         MI02         Jenna Britton on Luck of Light            
  20th 16.724                      Lil Rasmussen on Cowboy                   
  21st 16.735                      Michelle Wells on Easy on the Whiskey     
  22nd 16.765         MI00 YES     Tammy Smith on Blizzard in the Kirk       
  23rd 16.787         MI03         Kathy Rebh on Ima Frenchmans Hero         
  24th 16.791         MI04         Madison Raymo on Smokin By Design         
  25th 16.803                      Becky Barton on This Fame is on Fire      
  26th 16.817                      Andie House on Eyesa easy                 
  27th 16.830         MI04         Chelsea Cole on Fred Flintstone           
  28th 16.832         MI04         Miranda Wells on Smokin Smitty            
  29th 16.869                      Sherri Yager on Jazzy                     
  30th 16.874         MI04         Charlotte Kennedy on Kikkin Lineage       
  31st 16.897         MI04         KC Main on Dreams R Flyin                 
  32nd 16.909                      Kelsey Kakoczki on Juiced up Jag          
  33rd 16.960         MI03         Taylor Martin on Tequila-N-Cash           
  34th 17.009         MI04         Ivy Allen on Rain Cup Dodger              
  35th 17.035         MI05         Dave Williams on Big Time Tonight         
  36th 17.050         MI04         Kelsey Moran on Imalittlewestern          
  37th 17.129                      Emma LaBeau on Renegade                   
  38th 17.148                      Sara Flemming on Jewels Cleo Bar          
  39th 17.165                      Julia Marhofer on DCR the Saint Dunnit    
  40th 17.218                      Brooklyn Olsen on Run Lika Phantom        
                               4D Placings                                   
   1st 17.286 $191.00              Jessica Lajcak on Fools Eye N the Cash    
   2nd 17.293 $150.00 MI04         Hannah Munck on Hot Rod Nitrous           
   3rd 17.306 $123.00 MI04         KC Main on Heath                          
   4th 17.419 $ 95.00              Kira Nummer on Doc                        
   5th 17.510 $ 68.00              Diane Loosenort on Lighting and Flames    
   6th 17.571 $ 54.00              Diane Tobias on Gotta Allota Quick        
   7th 17.576                      Harlie Robinson on Gus                    
   8th 17.577         MI04         Candy Church on Watch wendy's magic       
   9th 17.674         MI04         Maddie Monroe on Tontos Kingville         
9:53 PM 10/29/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 3   
                   MI NBHA 4D Jackpot in NBHA Open 4D Barrels                
  10th 17.777                      Jayne Rieder on Im Tuffernhel             
  11th 17.840         MI03         Randy Curtis on Moonstars and Plantary    
  12th 18.231         MI04         Miranda Wells on Buzz About Cash          
  13th 18.234                      Callie Lajcak on Fools Com In First       
  14th 18.250         MI05         Pam Strode on Chex's Lucky Blue           
  15th 18.685                      Stacy Martin on Dravens Dash For Cash     
  16th 18.759         MI03 YES     Sheri Frick on Chicklet                   
  17th 19.028                      Sandy Martin on Im A Jezabel              
  18th 19.641                      Morgan Curtis on Hazard Amigo             
  19th 19.989                      Fallon Darga on Jackson                   
  20th 21.336                      Heather Taucher on Hank                   
  21st 24.596                      Lynne Nichparenko on Sprint               
SCR    400.000         MI02        Miranda Smith on CJ Little Black          
SCR    400.000         MI04        Tim Zielinski on Cookie                   
SCR    400.000         MI04        Tim Zielinski on Zip                      
N/T    400.000                     Dave Williams on Chillin Filly            
N/T    400.000                     Alysa Badour on Chance                    
N/T    405.994                     Brooke Oversmith on Apollo                
N/T    406.348         MI03        Kathy Rebh on Indigo Charger              
N/T    414.494                     Fallon Darga on Sass                      
N/T    415.324                     Ellie Ouwinga on LLP High Streakin        
N/T    415.387                     Randy Kuipers on Bristol                  
N/T    415.445                     Brooke Eaton on Jerry                     
N/T    415.528         MI04        Chelsea Cole on Too Tardy to Bug Me       
N/T    415.695                     Carol Hochstetler on KT Gone for Corona   
N/T    415.779                     Ellie Ouwinga on Henry                    
N/T    415.781                     Kylee Wilson on Boogie                    
N/T    415.803         MI05        Hope Hulsebos on Honor The Bunny          
N/T    415.956         MI02        Miranda Smith on Goodspeed Too Fame       
N/T    416.033                     Bunnita Ouwinga on PT Jones Is Dashin     
N/T    416.136                     Lorrie Hagenbuch on Miss Charmin Sharmin  
N/T    416.158         MI04        Nancy Robertson on Wy Clodder Holly       
N/T    416.171                     Brittney Williams on Dash The Cigar       
N/T    416.226                     Bunnita Ouwinga on GBH Cisco Rey Jaywood  
N/T    416.306                     Ron Kuipers on Sixey                      
N/T    416.502         MI05 17833  Pattie Marshall on Special Chick Magnet   
N/T    416.522         MI03        Sabrina Edwards on Phantom's Red Rocket   
N/T    416.533         MI05        Hope Hulsebos on Aint Noplain Bunny       
N/T    416.564         MI04        Sara Taylor on Starber & Roy Sabrina      
N/T    416.756                     Wendy Walker on Wyatt                     
N/T    417.464                     Monica Crawford on Peabody                
N/T    417.523                     Eugene Perry on WS Poco's Black Lady      
N/T    417.523         MI03        Taylor Martin on Comets Sanpeppy          
N/T    417.588                     Karey Potter on RK Mirror Image           
N/T    417.639                     Karey Potter on Cmon Baby                 
N/T    417.767                     Kathryn Bowden on Gin                     
N/T    417.991                     Rich Coe on Go Zoey Go                    
N/T    418.336                     Jordin Whittaker on Zippos Hot Jace       
N/T    418.663                     Shasta Cole on MLS Royal Derecho          
N/T    419.753                     Diane Austin on Pegasus 123               
9:53 PM 10/29/20       Barrel Race America, Version 12.7               Page 4   
                   MI NBHA 4D Jackpot in NBHA Open 4D Barrels                
N/T    420.756                     Mackenzie Miller on Jj Ima French Royal   
N/T    422.010                     Sally Kuipers on RS Famous Raid           
N/T    425.279         MI04        Heather Taucher on Ralph's Driftin Heart  
N/T    426.246                     Amanda Kincade on Sue Fooled Ya           
N/T    430.773                     Melanie Priehs on Royal Jetolena          
N/T    432.707                     Sara Kolenda on Jalapeno Pepper