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October 15th MI 05 show moved to Marshall Meadows in Plainwell MI.  See schedule tab for details



What an Awesome 2016 Michigan NBHA State Championship!

Thank you NBHA Michigan members who volunteered to take an hour out of your NBHA State Championship weekend to help put on this great show! If it wasnít for you volunteering, we would not be able to add $15,000! This has been another great year for NBHA Michigan. We know our success because of you our members! We appreciate all the things our members do to make our districts & State Championships succeed throughout the year and to make one of the finest State Championships in the USA! NBHA Michigan State Championships really ran smoothly (maybe after 24 years we are finally getting things right)! Of course having the best District directorís in the USA or even the World surely helps! Michigan NBHA State Championships started August 8 at my kitchen table with Pattie Marshall, Nita Post, Kit Bounds & I digging into those envelopes you sent me and putting things into the computer. Two days later we finished. Sandy Rone bringing us ice cream really helped. Next was a meeting with Micheleen Pierce putting the program together. What a great job she does! Then onward to the T-shirts, thank you so much for the designs that were submitted Jayne Reider, Torrey Messerschmitt, & Dominique Ricotta! Dominique was the winner & received a free tee & sweatshirt for all her hard work. Congratulations Dominque! All during this Diane Fenby kept things current on the Michigan NBHA website. THEN off we went to the Midland Fairgrounds on Tuesday, August 30, so we could get right to work Wednesday morning with sawdust being delivered, pens to be set up & all the other things to greet NBHA Michigan Members upon your arrival! Allowing early arrivals on Wednesday afternoon for the first time this year helped with the road congestion problems we have experienced on Thursday mornings in previous years. This process will probably continue in coming years, pending our discussion at the directorís meeting. NOTE: If there is something that you would like discussed at this meeting please let your director or me know, we already have a list started for our agenda for our meeting to plan the 2017 season!

Hopefully you all visited the great vendors we had this year. It was so nice having places to shop when we had some free time! What can I say about the incredible Brent Puhl? He was instrumental in getting the photos of last yearís winners posted! We had some VERY positive comments about this new feature. Brent also put everything together for our first live web cast! We had tons of people watching (just about 2200 hits) some from as far away as Texas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Florida AND last but not least the Racehorse Barns on the Midland Fairgrounds. It helped members who were not at the arena know what was going on. Another dream come true for your state director!

Starting our NBHA Michigan State Championships were our Pee Wees or as I like to call them our ďFuture Champions.Ē Congratulations to Isabell Cumper who won the fast time & won a bike donated by the Bekins Family! Also a huge thank you to all the other sponsors of the Pee Wees, Lori Haan & Melissa Modreski for the trophies, Tena Ladner for the cooler bags. It was the biggest Pee Wee Class we have ever had! NBHA Michiganís future looks very bright!

Congratulations to Amanda Pallett our 1st place Tough Enough to Wear Pink Award winner. I hear that she planned for a whole year to knock Mark off his Pink throne. LOL! Second place went to Mark Witzel. It will be interesting next year to see if the battle continues. Third place went to Carly Vix and 4th to Emma Holden. You all did a great job! Thank you to the sponsors of the Pink Race, Barbwire Outfitters, All Around Ranch, and Brad & Pattie Marshall!

Our Stick Horse contestants put on quite a show! Thank you to Connelly Oil for sponsoring this fun event & Londo TV for providing the winner with their very own Stick Horse. I think the horse is named Guns and Speers!

Our most improved rider award went to Emily Bedell. The buckle for this award was unanimously donated.

A special thank you to Barry Reed for making & donating beautiful handmade halters for our fast time awards. Honored to receive these halters were: Brian Langworthy for the open, Miley Bekins for youth, and Brad Marshall for seniors.

In our Target Race for the first time ever we had a tie! Emma Holden & Frankie Milkowski were exactly within .027 of their 1st & 2nd go runs! Thank you Curt & Renee Yerger for donating the beautiful Gist Buckle.

Congratulations to our 2016 Champions!

Open: 1D Bobbi Hinkley, 2D Barry Reed, 3D Rachel Battjes, 4D Dora Miler
Senior: 1D Brad Marshall, 2D Kit Bounds, 3D Gailyn Daggett, 4D Jayne Rieder
Youth: 1D Kristin Kruger, 2D Kelsey Kakocski, 3D Josephine Muscato, 4D Amanda      Pallet

The full results are available on our website on the schedule tab. It was an awesome finals with every run seeming to go faster than the previous! It is always a crowd favorite to go from the slowest to fastest time & Lenell Dean, our announcer, really gets the crowd excited! Speaking of Lenell he makes a great auctioneer also! Congratulations to our Calcutta Winners! 1-D 1st paid $733, 2nd $440, 3rd $293 2-D 1st paid $628, 2nd $377, 3rd $251 3-D 1st paid $419, 2nd $251, 3rd $168 4-D 1st paid $314 2nd $189 & 3rd $126! Wow, there was some heavy bidding going on! If you left before the finals, you really missed an awesome event!

A special thank you to All Around Ranch for holding a raffle for nasal strips and providing us with an additional $165 to run for!

Thanks to everyone that donated items and/or bid in our Silent Auction! We had a great variety of wonderful items to bid for.  I donít think I have ever seen so many things to bid on! Thank you to MI01 for getting it set up & working it! I donít have the final paperwork but I am sure it brought in over $1,000.00 to run for!

Thank you to MI02 members who delivered our sawdust right to our stalls! Great Job!

Thank you to MI03 for patrolling the camp sites & grounds! By the way MI03 was responsible for donating 8 of the 12 saddles! MI03 members you are awesome! Thank You!

Thank you MI04 for taking care of the stick horse races, expo barrels, & Michelle for all here help with the computer! We will miss Michelle as our MI04 director! Anyone who would like to know what the job involves ask Michelle or I and we can walk you through the details.

Thank you MI05 for taking care of the ground & tractor drivers. You guys did a great job! Also for doing a lot of the computer work & timing!

Last & not least thank you MI00 for greeting everyone as they arrived!

Your NBHA Michigan directors would like to thank some special members who went above & beyond to get us great money & saddles to run for this year! Alisha Wonsey donated 2 saddles in memory of her Grandpa, George Wonsey, Terri Forrest & Brian Langworthy donated some great awards and money for added money, Jenny Hough got 2 saddles donated & money for added money, Randy & Linda Curtis also got 2 saddle sponsors, Saginaw Valley Vet for feeding all us very hungry barrel racers on Friday evening & all the rest of you who got sponsors! Just think if all 600 members got a $50 sponsor! We would have $30,000.00 to add! Next year is our 25th anniversary! It sure would be awesome if we could add $25,000.00!

Thank you all again for a great NBHA State Championships!


Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315