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December 13, 2015

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends & family! We had a fabulous one here in Southwest Florida with our new friends here on Pine Island! Jim & I wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & may Santa bring you all your wishes!

As I have always claimed NBHA Michigan is soooo awesome, we at the NBHA World Show had more entries than even Georgia & placed 4th in most entries there! Michigan NBHA made a great showing:

Super Seniors:    1-D- Kit Bounds 3rd $242
                             3-D Cindy Allen 5th $82
                             4-D Janet Whitmer $117 C

Congratulations Michigan NBHA Super Seniors!

21 Race:              1-D Bobbi Hinkley 10th $529
                             2-D Terri Forrest 7th $578
                             3-D Vicki Van Velzen 5th $648     

Congratulations Michigan NBHA 21 Racers!

Senior 1st Go:     1-D Kit Bounds 2nd $525
                             2-D Brian Langworthy 6th $189
                             3-D Brad Marshall 3rd $252
                                    Denise Jones 6th $131
                             5-D Cindy Allen 2nd $164

Senior 2nd Go:     2-D Brian Langworthy 1st! $836

Senior Finals:      1-D Kit Bounds Reserve Champion! $836
                                   Brian Langworthy 10th $279
                             2-D Brian Langworthy 5th $473
                             3-D Denise Jones Reserve Champion $582

Open 1st Go         1-D Marne Loosenort 1st! $2466 I know she’s not Michigan but she does have ties!
                             2-D Bobbi Hinkley 3rd $1061
                                   Jessica Sullivan 12th $318
                            5-D Randy Curtis 15th $82

Open 2nd Go:       2-D Brian Langworthy 9th $530
                              4-D Julie Wright 5th $502

Open Finals:        4-D Julie Wright 3rd $1433
                             5-D Randy Curtis 11th $435
                                   Julie Allen 15th $163                 

Congratulations to our Open Finalists!

Congratulations to all our Michigan winners & remember you are all Champions you qualified for the NBHA World Championships! See you all same time same place 2016!

Now to 2016! Wow! We are already planning some awesome shows! Remember if you have any arenas that would like to host a NBHA world qualifying show PLEASE let me or your director know! We are having our annual director’s meeting February 27, 2016. If you have any suggestions to make NBHA Michigan better let us know so we can discuss it at our annual director’s meeting.

NOTICE 2016 Can-Am alert! The dates are slightly changed! Mark your calendars June 24-26! Also Dates for the All District Show are April 22 & 23(some of you didn’t know that this is a huge fund raiser for our NBHA Michigan State Championships so I thought I would let everyone know), date for the Midland Blast are May 20 & 21.  Our annual 4th of July show will be at the Mt. Pleasant Fairgrounds July 1-3, look for some major added $’s & a fun weekend! Tim Droptiny’s annual Fall Barrel Bash is, Sept 10 & 11, & will also be at Mt. Pleasant! We met with them & they are anxious to see NBHA Michigan again, just a note this is where it all started with the 1st annual NBHA Michigan State Championships 1993-1997! I think that the 1st year we begged & barrowed & added a whopping $500 to our NBHA State Championships! We’ve come a long way Baby! Mt. Pleasant has added lots of amenities & it is an awesome facility! Also Michelle Wells & I scouted out another new arena & we will be having some shows there! When we get done with the director’s meeting we will update you on all the future shows!

SOMETHING that hasn’t changed this for 2016 is that we need sponsors! Remember again if you get $400 in ads you will get a free stall, $500 will get u a free entry, & $900 will get you both! $1200 will get you a free stall, entry & 3 nights camping! The sponsorship form is here on this web site! Otherwise ask your director or me for a form or call me & I will send you one! My # 616-450-9189. My email is treelineranch@aol.com.

We are again holding a contest for a 2016 T shirt design. Send me your design, I already have 1 submitted which is really nice! The design must include, Michigan NBHA, the year, Midland, Michigan, & State Championships. You will get the shirt of your choice at the NBHA Michigan State Championships. Congratulations to last year’s winners Tena Ladner & Sherri Yager!

Congratulations to all our NBHA Michigan State Champions! What a great “State” this year with $15,000.00 in Added $’s, 13 Gist Buckles, 12 Alamo saddles, & many other prizes! A special thank you to Lazy R Tack Room for all its help not only in prizes for the NBHA Michigan State Championships but helping your District director’s for their awards! Thank you Lil!

A special thank you to all of you who circled (on your entry forms) that you would help at our NBHA Michigan State Championships! If it wasn’t for you we sure couldn’t add the $’s to our purse! & to your director’s who put in many many hours away from family & their horses to put on an awesome State Championships! Looking forward to 2016 NBHA State Championships September 1-3.

All of you again have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year & remember the reason for the season! The Loosenort’s & all your NBHA Michigan Director’s!

Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315