State Director's Corner

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Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers for Marshall family. Brad was injured in a logging accident and is now recovering at home after having surgery on December 9th.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family & friends, we have a lot to be thankful for! Merry Christmas to all of you & remember “The reason for the season”!

I am hoping everyone at the NBHA Open/Senior World show had as much fun & was as proud of Michigan as I was! What a great showing!

Sarah Bennett 2-D 10th $493 & Sherri Yager 5-D 8th $251 started off the” 21 Race” making Michigan proud!
The “Super Seniors” Ron Sullivan 3-D 6th $77 was our only winner!

Seniors Round 1: 3-D 4/5 Brian Langworthy $443, 3-D 6th Cathy Schut $177

Seniors Round 2: 3-D 1st Brian Langworthy $443,  3rd Jeri Witzel $288, & 4-D 1st Sherri Yager $345

Senior Finals:2-D 9th Brian Langworthy $297, 3-D 4th Jeri Witzel $487,  3-D Sherri Yager $266

Open Round 1: 3-D 14th Jodi Loosenort $174, 4-D 13/14 Barbie Stayton $159, 5-D 13th Cindy Allen $134

Open Round 2: 1-D 13th Sarah Bennet $302, 2-D 9th Bobbi Hinkley $519, 3-D 14th Rachel Porath $174

Open Finals: 2-D Reserve Champion! Sarah Bennett $3,116, 5-D 5th Pattie Marshall $750

This is not ALL Michigan did! Tim Droptiny received the “Top Hand Award” & Brad & Pattie Marshall received the District Directors of the year award! Wow! What an honor!

Thank each & everyone of you for representing Michigan so well, not only the winners but all those that attended the Open, Senior & Youth World events! They are really 1st class shows that we as directors always strive to perfect on a state level!

Oh and did I happen to mention that our daughter-in-law Marne Loosenort won a 2014 NBHA World Championship?

OK speaking of shows, here are some dates you might want to put on your calendars for 2015.
April 24 & 25 our Annual All district show
May 15 & 16 Midland Blast
May 22-24 Gifford, Ill NBHA Great Lakes Regionals
June 19-21 Can-Am Super Show
July 19-25 Youth & Teen World Championships
September 3-5 NBHA Michigan State Championships
October 25-31 NBHA Open/Senior World Championships

There will be a complete list of awesome shows in Michigan after we have our annual director’s meeting the 1st Sat in March(the 7th this year).  If you have any arenas that would like to host a NBHA show, this is the time to give your director’s the information.  Jeri Witzel has already contacted me about a great show she has in the works that will bring us new members & also get the NBHA Michigan name out to many more barrel racers!  If you have any ideas to improve NBHA Michigan or any fundraiser ideas get them to me or your District Directtor we would be glad to discuss them at this meeting. We need your ideas so that we can again add $25,000 to our NBHA State Championships

Also be thinking of how you can get a free stall, entry, & camping at the NBHA Michigan State Championships! If you get $400 in ads you get a free stall, if you get $500 in adds you will get a free entry, $900 gets you both! Also if you get $1200 in ads you will get free stall, free entry, & free camping!  The new Sponsorship form will be posted on this website or contact me and I will send you as many copies as you need….Remember we had $25,000 added in 2014, 12 Alamo Saddles, 13 Gist Buckles, & prizes down to 5th in EVERY division in the finals! Let’s see if we can do even more in 2015!!!! We can only do it if we have your help! It is never too early to start getting these sponsors!

Have a wonderful Christmas with your families! See you at the All District!

Diane Loosenort
1950 64th Street
Byron Center MI 49315